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Use TeamViewer to get our remote support

As a technology-driven accounting firm that provides financial and tax services, we have seen our clients encountered the following barriers often: difficulties to use QuickBooks Online for bookkeeping unable to effectively email us or upload to us your documents unable to use our fillable PDF forms unable to use the software […]

How to scan your passport into a PDF file

Before we can do your non-resident tax filings, we will need to apply for an ITN number from CRA for you. In order to do that we will need the scanned version of your Chinese passport. Please read the following instructions before you will provide us with the scanned file. Please […]

Authorize us to represent you

You will need to provide us the following forms with your signature so that we can represent you to deal with CRA: T1013 for individuals RC59  for corporations

How to make payment to CRA – HST return

Vist CRA’s website CRA My Payment  Pay Now Select your payment section. Select your payment category. This tutorial uses the 4th option which is the most common one as the example. If CRA has sent you a letter notifying you that you have tax owing, select Amount owing. If you need to […]

How to make payment to CRA – personal tax owing

Visit CRA’s website CRA My Payment Pay Now Select your payment category. This tutorial uses personal income as the example. Select the tax year. Fill in your SIN and the amount to be paid. Click on Next to continue. Verify the amount and click on the button of Confirm and proceed […]