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How to make payment to CRA – HST return

  1. Vist CRA’s website CRA My Payment 
  2. Pay Now
  3. Select your payment section.
  4. Select your payment category. This tutorial uses the 4th option which is the most common one as the example.
    • If CRA has sent you a letter notifying you that you have tax owing, select Amount owing.
    • If you need to pay HST before your HST filing, select Balance Due.
    • If you are paying CRA periodically for your HST return, select Interim.
    • Most likely you will click on the link of Payment on filing
    • Please note there is no big difference among the 4 options, so basically no worries if you have selected another category.
  5. Fill your HST number, the tax year, the amount, then click on Next to continue.
  6. Verify the amount and continue
  7. Click on Pay now to continue.
  8. If you are a user of TD Bank, please select Visa Debit, followed by your visa debit access card number in TD bank, then you can click on Process Transaction button to complete the payment.
  9. If you are a user of RBC, Scotia, BMO, please select Interac Online and then click on the green button below to continue.
  10. Select your bank. This tutorial uses RBC as the example.
  11. Please fill in your banking card number and the online banking password.
  12. Please select the account to be used for the payment.
  13. Please verify the information and confirm
  14. Please wait.
  15. Payment is done. We recommend you print the payment receipt.