Our Services

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Services to Corporations

  Business Initialization Bookkeeping Consulting Service Payroll HST Review Month-end & Metrics Reporting Transfer Pricing Annual Tax Filing IT Architect & Consulting

Tax Dispute

  Individual Tax Audit & Appeals Tax/Penalty Relief TFSA Over-contribution Voluntary Disclosure (VDP) Business Tax Audit & Appeals Payroll Audit & Appeals

Services to Individuals

  Individual Tax Return Elections Consulting Service NRST Rebate HST New Housing/Rental Rebate Real Estate Valuation Non-resident Determination Non-resident Tax Filing Certificate of Compliance  

Our Fee Schedule

To our individual clients, we normally charge our service fees by the job item. To our corporation clients, we provide the following 3 fee schedules: By job item By hour By hour – prepaid package All of our fees are directly proportional to our accountants’ hours spent.  Currently, all of […]