Our Services

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Services to Individuals

  Individual Tax Return Elections Consulting Service NRST Rebate HST New Housing/Rental Rebate Real Estate Valuation Non-resident Determination Non-resident Tax Filing Certificate of Compliance  

Services to Corporations

  Business Initialization Bookkeeping Tax Planning Payroll HST Review Month-end & Metrics Reporting Transfer Pricing Annual Tax Filing IT Architect & Consulting  

Tax Dispute

  Individual Tax Audit & Appeals Tax/Penalty Relief TFSA Over-contribution Voluntary Disclosure (VDP) Business Tax Audit & Appeals Payroll Audit & Appeals

Our Fee Schedule

To our individual clients, we normally charge our service fees by the job item. To our corporation clients, we provide the following 2 fee schedules: By job item By the hour – 15min as a minimum billing unit All of our fees are directly proportional to our accountants’ hours spent.  […]