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How to scan your passport into a PDF file

On many occasions we will need to apply for an ITN number from CRA for you. In order to do that we will need the scanned version of your Chinese passport. Please read the following instructions before you will provide us with the scanned file.

  • Please do not use your cell phone to shoot a photo of your passport unless you know how to use apps like Scanner Pro or Adobe Scan to convert the document to a decent PDF file.
  • Please use a scanner to scan your passport. If you don’t have a scanner at home, you can use the business service from stores such as Staples.
  • Please scan your passport to PDF or JPG format in high resolution.
  • Please make sure all the 4 corners are included in your scan
  • Please make sure the passport is flattened when being scanned
  • Please use a white paper as the background when scanning.