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How to authorize us in CRA’s system

Prior to working on your tax return the first time, we would need your authorization in CRA’s system to ensure your tax data’s integrity and accuracy. However for some reasons we are unable to send the authorization request to CRA or the CRA’s system shows a “condition” in your authorization to us. Causes could be:

  • Each year there is a “vacuum” period of time, usually from January to the 20th of February, when CRA’s authorization cannot be achieved from our system.
  • CRA is having technical issues in their system for authorization process (as of today in August 2020)
  • CRA has missed some status update of your personal living such as address change or marital status change
  • You have missed the tax returns in many years
  • Your company‘s director information is unsynced or the business been amalgamated into other company

In this case you will need to take one of the following 2 actions to lift the condition:

Method 1, please refer to the following video, go to your “CRA My Account” and use our BN 802387522 to complete your authorization to us.

Method 2, please call CRA at 1-800-959-8281, after the successful verification of your credentials, please ask CRA representative to “lift the condition in the authorization to JKtax”.

After the above is done, please notify our Admin team so that we can start your tax filing job.