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How to pay UHT (underused housing tax) to CRA

  1. Use key word “cra my my payment” to search online, you will get CRA Online Payment page.
  2. Click on the green Pay now button
  3. For individuals, please click on the link of Individual income tax (T1)
  4. Click on the link of Underused housing tax
  5. Fill in the taxpayer’s SIN/ITN and the amount due specifically for this taxpayer → Next
  6. Verify the information and click on Confirm and proceed to pay
  7. Choose Interac debit card if you have a banking account in TD or RBC (otherwise you can use Visa Debit or Debit Mastercard, fees may apply)
  8. Follow the instruction on the webpage to complete the payment, don’t forget to click on the link of Save on the top right corner to save the payment receipt as a PDF file.

If you like to use other methods to make the payments, you could get it done: