About Us

Carol Ma, CPA, CMA

As the owner of JKtax Inc, Carol is a result-oriented tax professional with fourteen years of progressive experience who enjoys working with clients to solve their tax issues. Her experience has given her the skills to communicate complex tax issues to clients and the ability to deal effectively with staff at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and other professionals to reach satisfactory outcomes that provide relief to clients’ tax problems.

Carol is the owner and co-founder at JKtax where she liaises and negotiates with CRA on behalf of clients. She conducts account investigations, challenges reassessment at the audit and objection stages, and guides clients through a voluntary disclosure or an application of taxpayer relief, providing them with a resolution of their tax issues.

Before the establishment of JKtax, Carol held several positions with the CRA, providing solutions to clients on complex auditing and tax issues. Most recently she was an Appeals Officer as part of the Income Tax & Commodity Tax group. She identified tax issues in dispute, a determined basis of assessment and reasons of objection, reviewed and analyzed tax accounts and tax planning strategies, and formulated plans and procedures to ensure resolution of tax disputes. Prior to this, Carol was a Special Enforcement Auditor in the Income Tax & Commodity Tax group, working with law enforcement agencies, such as the RCMP. Her first role with CRA was as a Tax Auditor, where she conducted federal and provincial income tax and commodity tax audits for corporations and individuals.


Lynn Liu, CPA, CA

Lynn graduated from Rotman Research Institute University of Toronto and has 10+ years experience in dealing with personal and enterprises accounting and taxes.

Allen Ma, MBA, CPA, CMA

With 20+ years in corporation accounting and taxes, Allen’s specialty is tax optimizations to small to medium-sized enterprises including non-profit organizations.

Vivian Wu, VP, Marketing

With a significant amount of tax knowledge, Vivian plans and executes various marketing initiatives through appropriate channels to promote and protect the JKtax branding.

Linda Lin, Senior Tax Consultant

Linda is our hands-on accounting and tax expert. Came with extensive experience in a managing role at CA firms for more than 10 years, Linda brings her knowledge into individual tax optimizations as well as enterprise tax strategic plannings. With her solid accounting background, Linda promotes practical benefits to individual and corporations by her efficient applications of financial analysis, profitability review, sustainable development, and risk management.

Danny Chen, Director & COO

Danny is our all-around Chief Operation Officer who manages all schedules and processes to keep the firm running smoothly on a daily basis. With his start-off tasks to design and implement business strategies for JKtax’ sustainable development, he sets comprehensive goals for performance and growth, establishes policies that promote company culture and vision, oversees daily operations of the company and the work of all accountants, leads employees and sub-contractors to encourage maximum performance and dedication, and evaluates performance by analyzing and interpreting data and metrics.