love all, trust a few, trust us.

About Us

JKtax is not a conventional accounting firm. We do not intend to become one.

We are a Toronto/Markham based business. We help our clients to get better tax efficiency. Our teams work diligently to obtain a deep understanding of what is important to our clients with the knowledge combined with motivated and talented professionals who collaborate with our clients to accelerate their advantage.

As a technology-driven accounting firm that provides financial and tax services, we ensure the possession of the newest and most stable platform of our own. Our client data is synced with Amazon AWS in real-time, we use CCH iFirm to manage all jobs, we are the official business partner with ADP and Intuit.

More importantly, instead of charging new clients hundreds of dollars for paid consulting services, our accountants have summarized all the commonly asked questions and came up with 100+ blog articles to provide free answers and deep analysis of the taxation topics. Since then, our website has always been ranked No. 1 in the taxation blogging category within entire Canada, statistics confirmed by both Alexa Traffic Rank and Google Analytics. 

We have plentiful online resources to help our clients, including tutorials for how to use a cell phone to scan documents and how to sign on PDF, a secure upload portal if emails are not good enough for multiple and large attachments, the procedure to pay CRA taxes online, even using AnyDesk or Zoom to connect our clients’ computers remotely for direct assistance. We are the only one in Canada that uses intellectual online forms to collect clients’ information for individual tax returns. 

Love all, trust a few, do wrong with none. This is from Shakespeare, in Act 1, Scene 1 of All’s Well that End’s Well,  when Countess of Roussillon gives it as lifelong advice to her son Bertram. It’s been tweaked it a bit 😏  and made as our firm’s lifelong slogan.

· Meet Our Team ·

Carol Ma, CPA, TEP

As the senior manager at JKtax Inc, Carol is a result-oriented professional with 15 years of progressive experience that has given her the skills to mentor complex tax issues to internal staff and the ability to manage effectively with accounting and taxation teams. 

Allen Ma, MBA, CPA

With 20+ years of experience in the enterprise accounting and taxes industry, Allen is extremely fluent in corporations’ F&A structural planning, risk control, cost management, payroll, Metrics & reporting, and daily operation processes. 

Julia Zhang, CPA

With 10+ years’ F&A teaching experience in universities, Julia masters the practice of international accounting. After the role of the controller with a large Canadian franchiser for another 10 years, she brings her expertise to business accounting to our clients. 

Linda Lin

Linda is our hands-on accounting and tax expert. Came with extensive experience in a managing role at CA firms, she brings her knowledge into individual tax optimizations and enterprise tax strategic planning. 

Tia Liu

With 6 years of personal and corporation tax work and a warm and friendly communication attitude, Tia is familiar with the business activities and relevant tax plannings of small to medium-sized business. 

Sarah Cui

With her solid taxation skills on small companies and self-employed, Sarah is the best to work with business owners who focus on sustainable development based on manageable risks in commercial reality. 

Vivian Hua

With her Master’s Degree in Math from McGill University and customer service experience in Education and Banking industries, Vivian takes the important role as our office manager to apply her logical and analytical thinkings in our daily practice.

Eva Han

The outstanding technical and marketing background Eva has gained form Siemens and GE allowed her to excel in strategic planning and high-profile customer management roles, as well as contributing significantly to our accountancy environment. 

Qing Han

Qing is the perfect reflection of the significance of the admin role which helps in arranging the challenges at the opportune time and in the correct way, not to mention the critical path she is practicing to continuously improve our work methods. 

Paige Dong

As a result of her high-mark degree in management and actual legal work experience which enriched her overall capabilities, Paige makes an invaluable resource for us when dealing with our clients’ complex taxation cases. 

Vivian Wu

With a significant amount of tax knowledge, Vivian plans and executes various marketing initiatives through appropriate channels to promote the JKtax branding, enabling our clients to grow with us in win-win situations. 

Danny Chen

Owner of JKtax. Starting with a medical background, Danny came to Canada and took IT jobs, followed by managing roles. At present, he keeps surprising us with his pansophy ie. the creation of this site you’re looking at.