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How to pay CRA with “Tax Filing Services”


  1. We assume you have a business banking account for your business.
  2. We all know how to use personal online banking to pay our income taxes to CRA.
    • In case you don’t know, you could add CRA as the payee and use your SIN as the account number.
  3. If you are self-employed and you will need to pay HST to CRA, the personal bank account may not help.
  4. This video tutorial uses RBC as a demo; your bank’s interface with Tax Filing Service may vary.
  5. There could be “sub-types” when selecting RC/RT payment types:
    • Payment on filing: with this option, you can actually file your RC/HST returns, followed by the payment.
    • Interim: use this option when you make an instalment (monthly, quarterly) payment.
    • Amount owing: use this option when you have received a Notice of Assessment or Notice of Reassessment indicating you owe CRA money.
    • Balance due: use this option when your payment is due prior to filing a return.

Video tutorial breakdown:

  • 1:08 – Add payment type for RC (income tax) account and make payment
  • 2:19 – Add payment type for RP (payroll) account and make payment
  • 3:14 – Add payment types for RT (HST) account