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Thanks Miss Han For Joining Us

Miss Qing Han joined us with her full vitality to our firm. At first glance, she is a young, smart, vigorous, and generous female, soon after you’ve got contact with her, you’ll immediately recognize her clear mind, decisive response, quick operations, and soft personality. We are lucky to have her […]

Welcome Onboard Vivian!

It takes many years for the business to realize that, it’s rather easy to find someone who is technically capable to do the job, and it’s much harder to find an office manager, an organizer, a truly unique role to keep the firm running. We are lucky to have Vivian […]

Linda’s New Task

Linda came to our firm in 2018 as a hands-on accounting and tax expert, with extensive experience in a managing role at CA firms for more than 10 years, By the end of 2019, Linda has agreed to task the new role as an enterprise tax manager while she brings […]