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Month-End & Metrics Reporting

The month-end and quarter-end closing procedures get heavier and heavier along with your business’ development. The organizations have their own regulations for the month-end closing processes, but all of them contain the following 6 basic steps:

  1. Summarize accounts receivables
  2. summarize accounts payables
  3. Bank reconciliation
  4. Accounts adjustments
  5. Reporting
  6. Closing

As a professional accounting firm, we also provide the following value-added services along with month-end closing work:

  • File HST to CRA monthly or quarterly
  • Monitor fixed assets
  • Adjust the budget planning
  • Review financial statements
  • Write-off bad debt
  • Summarize payrolls and other hiring expenses
  • Back up books

To support manage the key performance indicators, customer experience and other defined measurements related to your business deliverables and processes, we provide metrics and reporting analysis services. Major tasks include:

  • Provide regular reporting for KPIs, operational metrics, scorecards, dashboards, and other efforts
  • Support ad-hoc reports
  • Provide analysis of operational metrics
  • Support weekly, monthly, and quarterly business reviews covering financial and non-financial metrics including performance against stated objectives
  • Integrate ETL and BI tools into analytical reporting platforms when required
  • Participate in efforts to maintain quality, coverage, and relevancy of reporting while streamlining and automating metrics and reporting creation processes