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Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

Bookkeeping is important for helping you maintain accurate financial records. Yet still, many businesses overlook to implement this integral process, or they wouldn’t put a concern to bookeeping until they are audited by CRA. Besides the fact all business are required under the law, mainly the Income Tax Act and the Excise Tax Act, to maintain accurate books and records.

But we also understand bookkeeping works can be tedious. Efficiency and accuracy wise speaking, the enterprises should offload the bookkeeping work to the professionals so that they can focus on their business development.

The bookkeeping and accounting services we provide can have flexible scalabilities, from the minimum effort to we-do-everything, we can provide the following services completely up to the business requirements:

  • Record bank transactions
  • Record purchases and expenses
  • Tag and monitor fixed assets
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Maintain the petty cash
  • Reimburse employees’ expenses as authorized by the management
  • Purchase from vendors as authorized by the management
  • Issue invoices to clients
  • Ensure account receivables are collected promptly
  • Collect sales taxes from clients
  • Maintain the chart of accounts
  • Issue financial statements

If you are running a small business, we also recommend you try using Wave Accounting or QuickBooks to do the bookkeeping yourself. Click here for more information.