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Non-resident Determination

A person’s tax residency status at CRA is separate from their nationality registered at CIC. A Canadian citizen could be a non-tax-resident (or simply “non-resident”); while an international student could be Canadian tax resident.

There are two major obligations as a Canadian tax resident:

  • Disclose their global assets
  • File tax returns for their global income

So if you do not want any of the above 2, you can apply for a non-resident determination. Any country’s tax bureau, especially CRA, definitely prefers every resident to be their tax resident, hence when you apply to be a non-resident, CRA asks questions, lots of questions. So basically what we do, is to get all the documents ready in every single aspect to avoid those challenges from CRA.

Generally speaking, A non-resident status determination application is focused to compare the applicant’s family, social, and economic ties with Canada and with the other country. If the tie with another country is much more significant, the application is most likely to be successful. For more information please contact our Admin Team for details.