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Tax Planning

When you have any of the following questions or concerns:

  • I’m a shareholder of a business being acquired, how can I legally achieve tax efficiency on the capital gain of my share sale?
  • I’m a shareholder of a business that is acquiring another business, what is the best practice of taxation that will benefit myself?
  • I’m in need of a new business entity for commercial property purchase which involves GP/LP shareholder structure and loan from the bank, should I first reach out to an accountant or a lawyer?
  • I‘m a shareholder of a business that is closing, what can I do with my capital gain income?
  • My business is developing well so I now have some extra cash to invest somewhere else, what is the consideration to tax issues?
  • My business is developing well, so I now need to get a loan from a bank to expand, how can I write a Business Plan for banks?
  • My business is developing well, so I now need to get some investors to join us, how can I write a Business Plan to convince potential investors?
  • My business is developing well so some investors are joining me, how do I come up with the shareholder agreement that is most beneficial to myself?
  • If I put the profit of the business into some financial investments, are there any tax measures that will allow me to achieve tax efficiency?
  • I recently got some ideas from a knowledgable insurance broker and s/he mentioned having a newly incorporated holding company to purchase insurance for my own good, I am tempted, so how do I proceed with this holdco operations?
  • I am willing to transfer the ownership of a real estate property from myself to my corporation, what is the best way to do it?
  • I have successful business abroad and I now want to have a “subsidy” company in Canada, how can I achieve the maximum tax optimization?
  • My business runs well for years, after I retire I can find a good CEO to take care of daily operations, but how about my shares? Can I pass them to my family or children?

We have 2 levels of services in responding to all the above questions:

  1. Consulting Service – We simply sit down with you to provide you with some high-level solutions so that you will get a good and clear picture in your mind about what you can do in the future. Our fee for this level stays in a few hundreds of dollars.
  2. Tax Planning – At this level, we are not only in charge of the planning section, but we also work closely with the lawyers to complete the entire implementations by instructing the lawyer to complete the pre-planning steps to meet the objectives of tax minimization and deferral including but not limited to ownership transitions, capital gain crystallizations, Section 85’s, and all other necessary measures to achieve tax optimizations. Along time going we have found the cooperations with Gardiner Roberts LLP brings us benefits in both job efficiency and the cost saving aspects. So instead of leaving the clients worried about the number of hours the lawyer will charge, we will get the quote from the lawyer, verify it, and provide a consolidated one-package quote to the client before an engagement can be signed between the clients and us. At this level the client is expecting the service fees of 3 to 50 thousand dollars.