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Non-resident Filing Section 216 Workflow & Checklist

Please fill out our Online Rental Income & Expenses Form.

Please note our job is not simply moving the numbers from the forms you have filled to the tax returns; instead, we integrate the tax optimization and tax planning into the process as well as our effort to reduce the risk of your tax returns being audited by CRA.

After our accountants have worked on your tax return based on the information you provided, they will email you the PDF copy of the tax return draft.

There will be a phone or email discussion between you and our accountants to discuss the details of your tax filing.

Based on your feedback and questions, our accountants will update your tax return forms and re-send you the PDF for your further review.

Upon approval of both you and our accountants, we will email you the signature page to finalize your tax returns. Please refer to this page to check how to use your phone to sign on PDF files.

We will email you our service invoice and ask you kindly send us your e-transfer payment.

We will file your return to CRA once we have received your signatures and your payment to our services.

We will email you the tax filing receipt from CRA.

When you...Please submit to us...
This is the first time you file the Section 216 return and you have not got an ITN yetA clear scnned copy of your passport so that we can apply your NR tax number (ITN)
Have not remitted CRA any withholding tax for your rental property incomeProvide us your rental propertyu's address, first date of rent, monthly rent amount, and your ownership percentage of this property
Have remitted CRA the withholding tax on monthly basisProvide us your rental income and expenses using the aforementioned form
Claim rental income and expenseProvide us your rental income and expenses using the aforementioned form