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Corporate Tax Filing Workflow

  • If you are new to us and you have been bookkeeping your business, please provide us the following documents:
    • Incorporation Article
    • The company’s previous year’s financial statements, T2 return and HST return
    • Your bookkeeping  files such as Excel documents
    • If you use QB or Sage for bookkeeping, please provide us the backup file
    • If you use QBO, Safe Cloud, or Wave for bookkeeping, please provide us online access
    • Your 12 months business banking statements and business credit card statements in PDF format
    • If you have paid some expense from your personal account, please provide us the detailed bookkeeping
    • All T slips issued
    • All shareholder’s legal names, SIN, and share percentage if the ownership is more than 10%
    • If you are new to the business and you require some tutorial on how to do the bookkeeping, please click here.
    • If you have not completed detailed bookkeeping throughout the entire year, you can still use our Excel template, which is displayed and downloadable at the bottom of this page, to provide us your bookkeeping figures.
  • If you have to send us multiple large files and the email is not the most efficient tool, please use our firm’s own Secure Upload Portal
  • Our accountants will work on your tax return based on the information you provided. After our accountants, email you the PDF copy of the tax return draft, there will be a phone or email discussion between you and our accountants to discuss the details of your tax filing.
  • Based on your feedback and questions, our accountants will update your tax return forms and re-send you the PDF for your further review.
  • Upon approval of both you and our accountants, we will email you the signature page to finalize your tax returns. Please refer to this page to check how to use your phone to sign on PDF files.
  • We will email you our service invoice and ask you kindly send us your e-transfer payment.
  • We will e-file your return to CRA once we have received your signatures and your payment to our services.
  • We will email you the tax filing receipt from CRA.

If you need to use our Excel template to do your bookkeeping, you will need to first download all bank transactions into a .csv spreadsheet, shown as below:

Next step is to copy the following 3 types of data

  1. Date
  2. Transaction description
  3. Amount

into the following Excel template we provide. You will need to simply provide the following information to the Excel:

  1. HST involved yes/no for this transaction
  2. Category of this transaction

Please be advised that using such a simple spreadsheet for enterprise bookkeeping is not recommended by any accounting regulations. Please use it at your own risk.