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2 Ways to File Annual Returns for Ontario Corporations

Ontario government has recently made an important change to the annual return process for its provincially incorporated business. Starting from October 2021, the Ontario corporation can no longer file its provincial annual return along with the T2 process. Instead, it’s now a separate process that the business owner has to take care of themselves.

There are 2 methods to get it done. Method #1 is that the business owner does it him/herself (DIY), and there are no fees incurred. Method #2 is that the task is completed by our commercial system with a small fee chargeable to our clients.

Method #1

  1. Find the entry point of Ontario business registration, request the company key.
  2. When the business was incorporated, if an email address was registered as the main contact, the Ontario government will email the company key to this email the next business day.
  3. It might be a puzzle to confirm which email address is stored in the government’s database, because whilst the smaller possibility is that the email would be from the vendor who did the incorporation in the first place, the larger possibility is that the email address would be from one of the 3 broker companies such as OnCorp or ESC.
  4. If no email address was found or if you used a paper application to incorporate your business, the government will send you a plain letter for the company key.
  5. After you have obtained the company key, you can log in to Ontario’s ONe-key Platform to complete the annual return.

Method #2

Please contact our admin team so that we can use our commercial system, which is different from the one you use, to complete the task. There will be a small fee for each year’s return.

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