You‘ve been kicked out by Mia

(Last Updated On: 2020-02-12)

I was kicked out from a WeChat group owner this morning. This specific taxation discussion group is established by CCPAA (Canadian-Chinese Professional Accountants Association) and the group owner kicked me out simply because I replied “we have such a service” when a peer personnel asked where to get a paid consulting service in regards to incorporation and related business modules.

I was not happy.

For all the time our entire firm has been friendly and humble to our peers.

We have always been spending countless hours and effort providing tax tips to the public for free. For years many clients pay us for financial and tax questions, but we don’t want everyone spending money to get basic tax knowledge, so our chief accountant Carol Ma constantly summarizes the questions from paid clients and wrote nearly a hundred articles to share with the public. She doesn’t only answer the questions, instead she also provides analysis and explanations in depth for all the FAQs. From this point, I am confident that no other Chinese accountant in Canada, or just an accountant in Canada, has done so much, so well.

For a long time, when I saw compatriots’ inappropriate behaviours in the accounting industry, I’d say: please respect the value of peers, the value of knowledge, and yourself.

I just checked the CCPAA’s website but didn’t see a mailing address, so I had to write an email to the only found I’m going to get their address, write them a registered letter a step one.  Thinking of how much I can do from now, I am happy again.

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