Upload Documents To Us Securely


You can send us multiple and large files in a secure and efficient way.

  • First, you’ll need to fill in your email address.
  • Then click on the Select Files button below, and then select one or multiple files from your Cell phone, PC or Mac computer.
  • After files have been uploaded to us, you can check the upload list by clicking on the drop-down triangle icon.
  • After files have been uploaded to us, thee will be automated email notifications to our office admin team.
  • Please note the file upload service is based on our https site running on SHA256 RSA so you can rest assured that all the files you have sent to us are safely protected.
  • Only the following types of files are allowed to upload to us:
    • pdf
    • jpg/jpeg/png/tif
    • doc/docx
    • xls/xlsx/csv
    • ppt/pptx
    • qbw/qbb/qbm/qbo
    • zip/rar