How To Book Our Accountants’ Time For Consulting Service

Consulting Service Rate 2020


Individual Taxation$200/hour
Corporation Taxation$300/hour
Practitioners in Financial Industry (CPA, CFA, Insurance Brokers, etc)$400/hour
  • For in-person consulting, we ensure it happens during our office hours which are 10am-4pm
  • For on-phone consulting, we try to schedule it during our office hours as well, however we also understand the requirements from clients from different time zones, to accommodate this we may be able to find some off-hour slots for the on-phone session

If you have not registered as our client, please

  1. Call 905-940-1999 to
    • advise us if your questions are in regards to personal taxes or corporate taxes
    • book a time slot to talk to one of our accountants
    • if you are booking an in-person consulting session, please advise how many guests we will have
  2. Please email us or text us to advise:
    • your legal name
    • your email address
    • your cell phone number
    • your home address (optional)
  3. You will receive an email from our system that contains a service invoice. Please send us e-transfer as per the invoice at your early convenience.
  4. Once we have received your payment, we will notify you that your consulting session has been confirmed and secured. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee your time slot without your payment.
  5. If you will have to cancel or defer your appointment, please notify us at least 2 business days prior to the appointment time. We will issue you a full refund.
  6. We strongly suggest you send us an email to let us have your brief background, your timeline, and the summary of your questions. Based on our experience, such an email will significantly help increase the efficiency of the appointment so that the clients can be benefited.